I’m still feeling really badly. I wish therapy was more affordable. I actually think it should be free or low-cost. This is as bad as I’ve felt in years. One of the major reasons that I stay away from people is because I cannot deal with rejection. I feel ashamed for being so weak, but it is how I feel. I’ve tried watching funny videos, I always watch wrestling, I’m still working a little bit and nothing seems to be working. I’ve only known SM for a year, but I feel like I lost my best friend, but it’s worse than that…it’s what she said about me and how cruel she was (even when she was trying to be nice).


I knew the day would come where I wouldn’t see her anymore and I was fine with that…but like this? It’s…eh…I just needed to get this out. I don’t have any more to say other than I don’t need people calling me for work right now.