My name is Mustafa Samiullah and for all of the talk about 2016 being a horrible year full of tragedies, you can add me to that list. Well, I only had one “tragedy” (the death of my father). At the same time, this was the worst year of my life. In fact 2 out of the last three years have been the worst years of my life.

Maybe I’ll get into details one day, maybe I won’t. The reason 2016 was worse than 2014 was because I completely lost my way. I don’t know if I want to get into details about that either, but generally speaking even though I live with my brother who is my best friend and my sister who I get along with well and even though I am a loner as a rule-my loneliness got the best of me. The consequences were that I pursued friendships that I should not have. It’s my fault, those people are out of my life now. I realize that my priorities were completely out of whack and I need to go back to realizing that I have enough friends and family.

It is time for my talent to shine and while I am not big into New Year’s Resolutions-I do want 2017 to be the Year of the Moose. My family comes first, my current friends second, business third and new friendships/relationships go on the backburner. Pro wrestling, the NFL and baseball go somewhere between first and second. Days of Our Lives and the NBA is somewhere between second and third.