Question: If you just won a million dollars would you quit your job?

Answer: This is a good one because I am very busy with my freelance writing right now, but I have a feeling it is going to slow down tremendously in the summer. The amount of work I get is seasonal (for the most part) so there are times where I am going to have much more work than other times. With that in mind, if I won a million dollars I would not quit the freelance writing. What I would do is be more selective. I would not take any last minute assignments and I would not take on any projects that didn’t interest me.  If I like (Mustafa speak for tolerate) a client then I would be more likely to give that person a break-but I think that the money would buy me some time in terms of not having to overextend myself because I need to make as much money as possible now. I think overextend is the key term in that having a million dollars would take away any pressure that I may feel to work when I shouldn’t because I feel I need the money. There is another side to this question though…

One million dollars is not really a lot of money. I think it would lessen the burden, but I would still work for two reasons. The first reason is (like I just said), one million dollars will only last me so long. My spending habits are not the worst, but they aren’t the best either. A lot of times I overspend in order to get temporary relief and that doesn’t mean I spend money on drugs, but it does mean that I will spend $20 on food at a restaurant when I could buy turkey and cheese for $5 and have lunch and dinner for days. I also am overly generous when it comes to tipping servers-that is not to mention buying gifts for the friends that I do have. As an aside, if you are wondering why I eat out when I don’t like people-I am not answering that question now except to say cognitive dissonance and leave it at that. The point of all of the above is that I don’t think that a million dollars would last me as long as it should. I think I would handle it better than some people-but I would probably need to work again within….probably six months if not sooner. That means continuing to work would give me a cushion and would allow me to have spending money. In other words, I could use the million for rent and bills, use the money I make writing for personal spending and if I really wanted to buy something special or do something different (like take an acting class or a creative writing class), I know I have the money to do it. The second reason is that I enjoy writing and learning new things so I would still take on assignments that interest me-as long as I am getting paid. The work I do is not volunteer work-it’s not charity for people that can’t or won’t write for themselves, I have to be paid or I won’t do it. This blog is the only writing I will do for the sake of writing-other than that I want to be paid. One million dollars won’t change that.

Now, if I won $50 million-the only work I might do is hiring managers and staff for whatever business I would own, but that’s only if I wanted the hassle. I may not work another day in my life if I had that kind of money.